The E-Trunk Protector

Daedo TK-STRIKE E-trunk protector detects impacts from e-foot protector in all the scoring area. It is blue/red reversible, light and its performance is not affected by sweat or humidity.

  • The E-trunk protector is blue / red reversible like our traditional WTF Recognized protectors
  • Same comfort as traditional trunk protectors
  • Scoring is not affected by sweat or water
  • It has very resistant proximity and impact sensors all over the valid point area. Precise and faultless.

Impact Sensor

  • Located in all valid the point area.
  • Calculates impact level according to power and speed of the strike

  • Proximity Sensor

  • Located in all valid point area.
  • Recognizes the contact with sensors in E-foot protectors.

  • Transmitter

  • Connected to the E-trunk protector
  • Receives information from sensors, calculating impact level and identifying valid attacks